Camila – Elypse -

The most successful pop rock band from Mexico in the last years is back, “Decidiste dejarme  ” is the title of the first single from Elypse , the new album of Mexicans will be released before summer. This new single breaks  2 years of sience  after the release of their 2nd studio album ” Dejarte amar ” which sold over 1 million copies worldwide in addition to achieve certification diamente disk in Mexico . Camila also won 3 Grammy Awards, 3 Billboard awards and multiple gold and platinum certifications throughout Latin America.

“It’s a ballad song dressed in devil  ,” says Mario Domm about ” Decidiste dejarme ,” first sound Elypse footprint , the third and highly expected album of Camila. He’s right . This is reflected in his video , where the introduction Calm black and white with rage decays keys , guitars , vocals, and drum programming , all in a bright assault that paints us a knowing smile on his face. As well emphasizes the composer , this piece conveys the powerful duo now reincarnation of ” no rules, no comfort, no limits, no fear.”

” It’s a song that begins and ends with the style that people know of Camilla, piano , voice and guitar, but in his choir shows a bipolar transformation, a shift from the water to the fire ,” adds Paul Hurtado, whose strumming sound angry while being lavish , cleverly twisted by a fresh ear to recognize the ” clean slate ” in the history of the project, but does not forget the best of your past.

“It’s a passionate song , blazed ” abounds Mario while laughing , knowing that the letter did with Monica Velez (main lyric ally ) is explained clearly, without affectation , no hidden messages as some might point out : ” You decided to leave me, you shot first. Do not even get close , “says a vigorous chorus rather rash claim loving instead of peaceful resignation. That’s the message .

” Decidiste dejarme ” , finally, is an evocation of Camila  but from another Camila ” in flames ” , Mario and Paul agree in unison. Behind tjis song are eleven more pieces with orchestral surprises , electronic , choral , bluesy , rocking , and above all , full of the essence known that we can trust and that has become the most important pop group in Latin America, but whose Elypse can now see cinematically and following the dictionary, ” from two points equidistant from the center.” The stroke is made . The echo begins